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Five components or "core numbers" that make up the foundation of an individual.April 12:30PM

There are five components or "core numbers" that make up the foundation of an individual. These are :

  1. Life Path number,
  2. Date of Birth number,
  3. Name number,
  4. Soul number,
  5. Personality number

Knowing the above needs a strong basis of knowing the inert nature of all numbers . Number Traits:- Number One – governing planet is sun. A number one is an innovator or natural leader. A number one should learn to be: original, creative, forceful, determined, ambitious, bold, self-controlled and self-confident and not to be bossy, selfish, limited, egotistical, weak-minded, arrogant, a bully, domineering. Out of the box thinker, fearless, individualistic. Material success is good but they tend to be stubborn and difficult to handle at times.

Number Two – the governing planet is moon. A number two is a team player and need to be in a relationship to feel complete. A number two is loving, peaceful, considerate, kind, understanding, persuasive, patient and gentle and not be overly sensitive, easily swayed by others, moody, impressionable, indecisive or worrying the small stuff. Fearful from inside. The biggest challenge of a number 2 is a sense of fear inside, in the face of adversity and inability to control mood swings, which does not allow for consistent and objective thinking. 

Number Three is governed by Guru as a planet. They are cheerful and positive and excel in relationships. This a number of self expression, motivation, training, counselling. A number three must learn to be cheerful and optimistic, sociable, confident, conscientious, proud, creative and articulate and not be superficial. A number 3, must keep their aim high and not be drawn to being dictatorial, vain, boastful, extravagant or gossiping traits are often the key challenges. Focus is needed as gets distracted easily. If pessimistic in their outlook, they can have a very troublesome life ahead for themselves as well as their spouses. 

Number Four is governed by the planet Rahu, the lord of profession. They possess tremendous potential, ability and sticking power. A number four can be very practical, methodical, studious, serious, down to earth, disciplined, honest, loyal, punctual and trustworthy and not fearful of change, rigid, dogmatic, stubborn, and melancholy, dull, boring or slow. Its a number of hardwork and the ability to practically put down to action, their ideas and thoughts, however, they can land up being rigid, dogmatic, whimsical, not caring about money but the chance to do his/her own thing is important.

Number Five is governed by mercury and as suggested, they are mercurial in their outlook, restless, enjoy variety in life , travelling and are prone to extravagance. A number five should learn to be enthusiastic, clever, adaptable, an adventurer. Communication and networking skills are their assets and must be utilized, expressed in writing and speech. They should caution of not changing jobs too often and if prone, can have a disastrous career. They are curious, scientific and crisis oriented and must not fall prey to being careless, vulgar, indifferent, over-indulgent in sensual pleasures, a wanderer, irritable, wasteful or callous. Networker, salesman, good at self promotion, with uncanny ability to convince others of their view point.

Number Six is governed by the planet Venus. Home proud and affectionate. A number six is responsible, though at times they may accept responsibility irresponsibly, but once they do, they would go all out. Magnetic, dependable, kind, affectionate, artistic, friendly and a helper to those in need. They can fall prey to endless worries and hyper tension and have weak body immunity. They should not be stubborn, slow to decide, irresponsible, interfering and unyielding. They love beautifying the house, society.

Number Seven is governed by the planet Ketu, the lord of knowledge. As the planetary influence suggests, they are knowledge seekers and honour in this life would be achieved by hard work alone. A number seven must learn to be spiritual, analytical, intuitive, faithful, original, independent, professional, silent, knowledgeable and truthful and not be sceptical, pessimistic, cold and aloof, fault finding with others. A good part of their life must be dedicated to achieve high technical specialization of any sort. A number of a specialist, money will come from specialization only.

Number Eight people are governed by the planet, Saturn, the planet of money, power, position and a stressful mind. They display highly ambition and want to be respected by others. A number eight should learn to be a leader and be authoritative, determined, controlled, successful, persevering, thorough and philosophical. He should not to be hungry for power, money, or material possessions, fatalistic in outlook, domineering, oppressive, a schemer, bully or misunderstood. Care must be taken to protect the legs and its advised, they they should not induldge in any leg sports like soccer, cricket etc.

Number Nine is govenerd by Mars and so powerful are the vibrations, that they are prone to high temper. They are extreme idealists and are concerned about the welfacre of the society, striving or getting frustrated about the inefficiencies of life. They skilled at devising brilliant ideas and is enthusiastic about life. A number nine should learn to be inspirational, energetic, an organizer, strong willed, forceful, artistic, humane and generous. They are meant to forgive and forget, if success in life has to be achieved. Any emotion to the contrary will not do. Do not be hasty in temper, impulsive, bitter and quick to fight. Boundaries increase beyond the house family, very universal in nature. Rise in spiritualism is natural.