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Maturity NumbersNovember-2017 03:15PM

The Maturity number essentially indicates an underlying wish or desire, which usually applies around age of 50 and beyond. Post the 50th year the maturity number and the life path number (date of birth + month of birth + year of birth) are the two most important numbers which affect life, while the name remains a very important behind the scene influencer. The gist is that this is the gift of ‘maturity’. You no longer spend your time and focus on things that you don’t relate to.

Your life is being propelled towards a particular direction and goal no matter your age. That goal can be seen as a reward or the fulfilment of a promise that is inherent and subliminal in your current efforts.

Maturity 1 –
this period will bring in renewed vigour and energy to begin afresh or give more momentum to all your actions- personal/professional. In some cases, it will act as a catalyst to break the final mould and begin on a financially independent journey.
• You will be eager to grow in stature and will feel the need to be independent and unique. This will continue as you mature, urging you to take control of things. Inner confidence will soar.
• If you have less 1s in your chart, you will be able to achieve independence and success with the influence of the Maturity number.
• Just make effort to be amicable and selfless and you will have an active, adventurous and exciting latter part of life.

Maturity 2 –
people will flock around you, long drawn frozen relationships will thaw and fresh beginnings can happen. Maturity of 2, is a great intuition enhancer.
• You will enhance your skill and ability to sway and persuade others with discernment. This will continue as you mature, and will give you an insight about people and enjoy working with them.
• These talents will also further you your career and business. You will discover that you need not use pressure to get work done, mere guidance, a patient hearing and sensitive approach will do.
• If you have several 2s in your chart, you may become hyper-sensitive, which may be a cause of concern, especially if it is in the core numbers...core numbers are explained later.
• If you have few 2s in your chart, your ability to work in team with people will increase with the influence of your Maturity number. You would become more of a team player, a go between amongst people.

Maturity 3 -
• You will improve a great deal in your communication skill and will become outspoken and positive about your future. This will continue as you mature, adding zest and style to your life.
• There will be a substantial improvement in your expression and creative skill. Art such as acting, music or writing may attract you. Teach, teach, motivate, counsel to experience its fullest power.
• Your latter half of life will be pleasant and socially active, as you start carrying a positive demeanour thus increasing your popularity.
• The 3 Maturity number is a blessing in the latter part of life. It brings joy, friendship and happiness.

Maturity 4 -
• You will get highly focused and driven towards your goal. This will continue as you mature, as you become more pragmatic, systematic and humble. More grounded in your ideas and execution of them.
• You will be able to give shape and structure to your ideas. Latter part of your life will be full of activities and achievements.
• You will become detail oriented and would be keen on following every process to its nth degree, without resorting to short cuts.
• Your helpful and dependable nature will benefit your family and friends. Plan to sit daily/weekly detailing out your action plan and live by the lists being ticked, once an action is complete to enjoy the real fruit of your efforts.

Maturity 5 -
• You are dynamic, influential and versatile, poised to realize your lifelong goal of freedom. This will continue as you mature, without showing any signs of slowing down. This is a time to enhance your network and increase your span of influence.
• You will travel extensively and be part of adventurous and unexpected events. You get better with your novelty and verbal skills.
• Slow moving projects may not suit you and you will soon lose interest in them-and this will test your patience and perseverance. Beware of an increasing restlessness, that may prevent you from carrying your ideas out to completion and bearing fruit.

Maturity 6 -
• the innate ability to accept larger responsibilities can take you to interact at the level of government, position of large influence. You mature, building an innate ability to advice and counsel the needy.
• You will start displaying concern for friends, family, society and world at large-assuming the roles of teacher, preacher and healer.
• You may be inclined to join politics, environmental activism or social work, as you become more responsible and protective.
• As you grow, you will naturally lead an ideal life and make efforts to realize these ideals.
• If you have several 6s in your chart, you will develop a meticulous and reasonable approach in business matters.
• Be at caution about your health, around your heart and eye. In an advent of a cataract, any eye operation, do not do the operation on 6th, 15th, 24th of any month or if the date of birth + month of birth + year (current year) adds to a 2.
• If you have few 6s in your chart or none at all, this Maturity number will bestow you with close relationships that you have strived for most of your life.

Maturity 7 -
Take the time out regularly in life and learn any knowledge
• You will study and engage in a variety of subjects and disciplines; however as you mature you will be more inclined or focused on religion or philosophy. This quest will prompt you towards reflecting and understanding deeper meanings of life.
• You will be able to understand and scrutinize the abstract and strive to live an ideal life.
• With maturity you would become more of and introvert and reclusive person, which will help you develop strong intuitive power and the ability to get deeper insight in various subjects of interest.
• If you have no 7s in your chart, you can acquire specialty in any one particular field.

Maturity 8 –
Rise in the levels of administration in a job, personal life or maximize the fruits of your business.
• You have to be strong and organized in order to prevent any loss of money or property. With time and maturity you will develop these qualities which will provide you with success and financial gain.
• You will be recognized for your strength and power, with which you can influence the society. The caution is towards a tendency to becoming too dominating and hence creating hidden enemies.
• People will also appreciate your knowledge and wisdom.
• You may be given responsibility to care, manage and guide people’s property and institutions.
• This will help you see the bigger picture and mankind as a whole. You want to enjoy the fruits of your business, and the best methods are to create your own and market it.

Maturity 9 –
The end objective in life is now to be in service to the needy, in addition to all that you do personally, professionally to enjoy the fruits of your work.
• You will begin to appreciate beauty and art in all forms and probably get involved in it yourself. This will continue as you mature, as you will also witness an increase in your concern and sensitive towards the needs and problems of the society.
• You will indulge in social service a lot, with a long term vision for your community and world at large.
• In its own essence the number 9 of maturity denotes international travel, rise of spiritualism, ability to complete pending projects and help from foreign lands, people.